Data Bank

A data bank is a repository of information on one or more subjects that is organized in a way that facilitates local or remote information retrieval.

1. Small size: Less than power size, easy to carry
2. Convenience: Save/Carry personal data or digital camera file anywhere
3. Easy to use: One button push to backup photos of digital camera, VCR and USB flash data
4. Flexible: Can be extended to a File Server
5. Safety: Backup date in the realiable space

Software Modules:
OS Kernel
< Embedded Linux Kernel
< Support DOS, OS/2, MAC, Linux, Windows 98/NT / 2003 / XP/Vista
Support Languages
< Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian
Application Modules
< One Touch Copy
< USB HDD Extented
< Photo Book
< Media Center
Application Modules
< Windows File Server (Samba)
< Printer Server
< BT Client
Hardware Platforms:
Support CPU
< RDC 8610/3210/8611/3211
< AMD GX1/GX2/LX800
< VIA C3/C7
< Intel x86 Compatible
< ARM Based CPU
Support HDD
< IDE HDD Up to 4
< SATA HDD Up to 5
< USB HDD/Flash
< Support RAID (0,1,0+1,5,6,10)
Support Printer
< Up to 9 USB Printers
< 2 10/100 MB Ethernet
< Option One Giga Net
< Option One 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN
Support PCI/USB
< Option PCI Bus
< Option Mini PCI Bus
< USB2.0x2
< Flash: 2MB
< WDT: Watch Dog Timer