SIMA: Offers Total Solutions of Embedded System

Embedded Systems realize the infinite imagination of people. There are huge business opportunities in the embedded system applications. However, it's always a problem of time to market. And, of course, everything must perform perfectly. Sima offers turn-key solutions, from design to production.

For over 15 years, Sima has evolved toward a single goal: empowering embedded system developers and manufactures to do their work quickly and easily, with the best technology, the most confidence and the best timing.

Sima Embedded System Solutions
Data Storage NAS (IDE, SATA, RAID, USB, portable, standalone), CD/DVD Duplicator, HDD Duplicator, Virtual CD/DVD
Network & Communication Wireless AP, Firewall, Printer Server, Router, Web Pad, Digital Signage, Networking Appliance
Computer Server Web, Mail, DNS, FTP & File Servers
Thin Client Thin Client, Web PAD, Pocket PC
Automation Control System PAC, Protocol Transformer, Home Gateway, Security Control, Remote Web Based Controller
Consumer BT Client, IP Camera, Skype phone, E-Lock, DVR, Media Center, Web Radio, GPS, MP3 Decoder, Set Top Box
Medicine Remote Medicine Systems, Patient Care System
Java Platform IM, Game Machine, Media Player, Information Center
Vehicle Audio/Media Player, Car PC, Car Electronic Devices