RDC R2886/R2880


The R2886 is a high performance, highly integrated network processor. It includes RDC proprietary RISC processor core, DMA controller, timer/watchdog, INT controller, 16-byte FIFO UART, SDRAM controller, Flash/SRAM controller, GPIO, 10/100M MAC, USB2.0 Host, PCI & Cardbus interfaces, etc.


1. CPU Core - RDC proprietary RISC architecture - Five-stage pipeline architecture - Operation frequency: 150MHz - Supports a 16K-byte uniform cache

2. ROM/RAM/SDRAM Controller and Addressing Space - Supports 16-bit data bus width - Flash ROM/SRAM control interface - SDRAM control interface - 16M addressing space - 64K-byte I/O space

3. Two Independent DMA Controllers - Supports high-speed DMA transfers

4. Interrupt Controller - Provides 8 maskable external interrupt channels

5. Counter/Timers - Three independent programmable 16-bit timers - One programmable watchdog timer which can generate NMI or reset

6. High Performance UART Ports - Supports 2 high performance UARTs with send/receive 16-byte FIFOs - Programmable baud rate generator - The data rates are programmable from 50 to 460.8K baud (max. to 1Mbps) - The character options are programmable for 1 start bit; 1, 1.5 or 2 stop bits; even, odd or no parity, 5~8 data bits

7. RDC Debug Tool Support - RDC debug tool with a JTAG-like interface

8. General Programmable I/O - 64 programmable I/O ports - Pins individually configurable to input or output mode

9. Two 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC Ports - IEEE 802.3u MII interface - IEEE 802.3x flow control in full-duplex mode - Internal loop-back self-test circuit support - Descriptor architecture for packet TX/RX

10. PCI Control Interface Support - Supports up to 3 PCI masters - Speed up to 33MHz

11. Two Card Bus Interface Support

12. Two USB 2.0 Host Port Support - Supports HS, FS and LS

Item Model Description
1. R2886 Full functions of 16Bits NPU, industrial version
2. R2880 Full functions of 16Bits NPU, commercial version