RDC R8610/R3210/R8611/R3211


The R8610 is a high performance and fully static 32-bit RISC microcontroller with the compatibility of Windows based, Linux and most popular 32-bit RTOS. It also integrates 16KB write direct map L1 cache, PCI rev. 2.1 32-bit bus interface at 33 MHz, SDRAM/ROM/memory controller, IPC (Internal Peripheral Controllers with DMA and interrupt timer/counter included), Fast Ethernet MAC, FIFO UART, 10/100M MAC and USB2.0 Host within a single 216-pin LQFP package to form a system-on-a-chip (SOC). It provides an ideal solution for the embedded system and communications products (such as thin client, NAT router, home gateway, access point and tablet PC) to bring about desired performance.



1. Embedded RISC Controller ˇVFull 32-bit RISC architecture ˇVSupports diverse operation systems, including Windows based, Linux and most popular 32-bit RTOS ˇV6-stage pipeline ˇVOperation frequency: 133 MHz ˇVSupports MMU function which includes 32 TLB entries

2. MAC Controller ˇVSupports two-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet MAC ˇVIEEE 802.3u MII interface ˇVIEEE 802.3x flow control in full-duplex mode ˇVDescriptor architecture for packet TX/RX

3. Interrupt Controller ˇVProvides two 8259 compatible interrupt controllers which are cascaded internally ˇVIndependent programmable level/edge-triggered interrupt channels ˇVSerial IRQ supported

4. DMA Controller ˇVProvides two 8237 DMA compatible controllers which are cascaded internally ˇV4 channels for 8-bit DMA transfer and 3 channels for 16-bit transfer ˇVSupports 8/16/32-bit channel 4 bus master on the LPC bus

5. Two USB 2.0 Host Port Support ˇVSupports HS, FS and LS

6. FIFO UART Port ˇVA high performance UART port with transmit and receive FIFOs ˇVSupports the programmable baud rate generator with the data rates from 50 to 115,200 bps ˇVThe character options are programmable for 1 start bit; 1, 1.5 or 2 stop bits; even, odd or no parity; 5~8 data bits

7. PCI Control Interface ˇVSupports PCI Rev 2.1 specification ˇV32-bit bus interface ˇVSupports PCI clock at 33 MHz ˇVSupports PCI host ˇVSupports PCI master/slave ˇVUp to 133 Mbytes/sec maximum bandwidth ˇVSupports up to 3 external master devices on PCI ˇVProvides four PCI interrupt channels

8. LPC (Low Pin Count) Bus Interface ˇVLPC revision 1.0 compliant ˇVSupports LPC/FWH (Firmware Hub) compliant interfaces ˇVProvides the interface to connect an LPC/FWH Flash ROM or Super I/O chip ˇVSupports LPC DMA ˇVSupports serial IRQ ˇVSupports bus master mode

9. X-Bus Interface ˇVProvides the interface to boot ROM BIOS & DOC (Disk On Chip). ˇVSupports 8/16-bit data width ˇVProvides ROMCS_n for booting from X-bus Flash ROM ˇVSupports from 64K-byte to Max. 16M-byte ROM space addressing ˇVSupports two independent and programmable CSs (Chip Selects)

10. SDRAM Control Interface ˇVPC100/PC133 compliant ˇVSupports 16-bit data bus width ˇVSupports speeds up to 133 MHz and above ˇVSupports maximum 128 MB memory space

11. On-Chip L1 16KB Cache ˇVUnifies instructions and data cache ˇVSupports write through for cache write policy ˇVSnooping mechanism support for data coherence between main memory and cache ˇVDirect map

12. General Programmable I/O ˇVSupports 58 programmable I/O pins ˇVEach GPIO pin can be individually configured to be an input/output pin

13. Counter/Timers ˇV8254 compatible timers ˇVProvides three independent programmable timers / counters ˇVSupports a watchdog timer (WDT) ˇVSupports a speaker output

14. Real Time Clock (External) ˇVProvides a direct interface to external RTC chips

Item Model Description
1. R8610 Full functions of 32Bits MCU, industrial version
2. R3210 Full functions of 32Bits MCU, commercial version
3. R8611 Full functions of 32Bits MCU, industrial version, without USB
4. R3211 Full functions of 32Bits MCU, commercial version, without USB
Data Sheet Version Date Download
R8610 D06 2005/12/28