Internet Super Server

General: This server includes every functions of network servers: Web, Mail, FTP, File, DNS, Printer Servers and so on.

1. Vary easy to use: Anyone can setup his own website or file server without engineering work, computer hardware, and softwares. The user don't need any knowledge about computer operation system and other server softwares.
2. Cost effective: Only 10% cost of PC based web server.
3. Realiable: Embedded system works very smooth and reliable.
4. Security: No damage from virus attack
5. Samll size: Only pocket size
6. Green: Few power consumption, less than 1W power
7. Powerful: Including everything of internet server functions
8. Flexible: There are add-on values of network firewall, BT client, Media Center, ......

Software Modules:
OS Kernel
< Embedded Linux Kernel
< Support DOS, OS/2, MAC, Linux, Windows 98/NT / 2003 / XP/Vista
Support Languages
< Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian
Application Modules
< Web Server
< USB HDD Extented
< Photo Book
< Data Bank
< Media Center
Application Modules
< Windows File Server (Samba)
< Printer Server
< BT Client
< One Touch Copy
Application Modules (Option)
< Load Balance
< Firewall
< Virus Filter
Application Modules (Option)
< Web Based Control
< Daily Log
< One Button Reset/ Auto Reset
Hardware Platforms:
Support CPU
< RDC 8610/3210/8611/3211
< Intel x86 Compatible
< ARM Based CPU
Support HDD
< IDE HDD Up to 4
< SATA HDD Up to 5
< USB HDD/Flash
< Support RAID (0,1,0+1,5,6,10)
Support Printer
< Up to 9 USB Printers
< 2 10/100 MB Ethernet
< Option One Giga Net
< Option One 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN
Support PCI/USB
< USB2.0x2
< Flash: 2MB
< WDT: Watch Dog Timer